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From a very early age, people are introduced to mathematics; by the time kids leave school, the numbers and figures of math have been integrated into daily life so much so that it’s barely noticeable. However, without the core understanding, life would be difficult to navigate. Here are some ways that math is important to daily life.

Understanding the World

One of the most exciting aspects of math is how it is found in nature– how it helps explain things we don’t quite understand. For example, a famous sequence of numbers in mathematics, known as the Fibonacci sequence, is found in various parts of nature: leaves, flowers, trees, seashells, and pinecones. The number pi is another example of how math can be found in nature. Pi is an irrational, transcendental number meaning it cannot be expressed as a fraction and is non-algebraic. Pi is approximately 3.14, but has an infinite string of numbers after the decimal point. However, pi is found in the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, and pi can be observed in the shapes of rivers.


Math is not just crucial to daily life; it is necessary for everyday life. Math is essential for cooking. Whether it’s calculating ratios of different ingredients, measuring amounts of ingredients, and doubling the batch, all aspects of cooking require an understanding of math. For example, a half-cup of flour is the same as eight tablespoons of flour. Without understanding math, a person may not make enough food, let alone palatable food for their family.

Problem-Solving Skills

Because of mathematical solutions, always having a solution to the equation, math helps with thinking analytically and building reasoning skills. Analytical thinking and reasoning skills help humans solve problems and formulate solutions. Solving mathematical problems in a methodical manner, such as framing the problem, identifying knowns and unknowns, and then taking steps to solve the equation, leads to effective problem-solving strategies.


It is no secret that money is an essential aspect of daily life, and money cannot exist without math. Having a strong understanding of math can help people budget the money a person already makes, but can also help a person save money, such as while shopping discounts at the grocery store, as well as help a person make money via understanding investment risks and returns.