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Jonathan Tooker

Science & Math




Jonathan Tooker is a data analyst who is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. He began his education by attending Georgia State University, where he studied science and math receiving accolades from his professors for his intellect and work ethic. Here, he was also a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, the National Physics Honor Society. He graduated magna cum laude and continued his education at Georgia Tech, where he received the honor of the prestigious President’s Fellowship because of his outstanding GPA, his astute research abilities, his higher than average standardized test scores, and his excellent recommendations by the faculty. The President’s Fellowship award is the most prestigious award Georgia Tech gives to incoming graduate students. 

The President’s Fellowship award was created in 1973 to increase the range and quality of the university’s Ph.D. programs and the Georgia Tech Foundation fully supports this endeavor. The award is given out annually to an elite shortlist of students intent on pursuing a doctoral degree at Georgia Tech. Those who are chosen have been carefully vetted by the university in areas such as academics, extracurricular activities, and innovation, in addition to how well they support their host departments. Competition is fierce for these awards. Aside from the distinction that comes along with this honor, each student receives an additional stipend each academic year. Award recipients are chosen by the host departments. 

After accepting the fellowship, Jonathan went on to earn his master’s degree in physics at Georgia Tech. Physics is an area that fascinates him because he loves to study matter and energy, and the world of physics combines both. Physics helps us understand what we know about the world around us and is essential for successfully tackling careers in chemistry, engineering, and computer science, as well as agriculture, biology, and environmental sciences. 

Jonathan Tooker embraces the fields of science and math, as he has ever since his high school years. He has always been able to see their value to the world and believes they are important areas of study. Science enables us to advance to the next levels of industry and keeps us informed about our natural environment. Mathematics is important because it has been passed down for thousands of years across the globe. Mathematics helps us understand patterns, learn about our history, and predict the future. We use math to understand the world and vice versa.